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As the exclusive importer of Ideal Work, we distribute the entire range, as well as additional products, to professionals and installers (applicators) who specialize in the application of, among other things, microcement and decorative plasters.

We offer multiple trainings and courses for all our products, and our products are exclusively sold to professionals who have successfully completed our trainings, enabling us to guarantee consistent high-quality standards.

Additionally, we provide expert support to professionals, both before, during, and after the execution of projects.

The versatile properties of Microtopping®.

Ideal Work Microtopping® is the ideal choice for those aiming for a seamless, innovative, and beautiful finish that can give any space or surface a unique character.

You can fully customize Microtopping® by 'playing' with colors and effects. It can be applied both horizontally and vertically on almost any dry and stable surface, all in a thickness ranging from 1mm to 4mm.

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Purometallo® is de productlijn van Ideal Work voor wanden, meubels en objecten, en biedt een uniek karakter zoals echt metaal. Purometallop® is slechts enkele millimeters dik.


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Acid Stain

Unique, time and again.

The acid-stained floor is created by allowing acids to react with the minerals in a microcement substrate, thus achieving unique colors and shades. The result is indeed unique!


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The Evolution of Tradition: Lixio®.

With Lixio®, we bring the Venetian terrazzo tradition to life, now applicable in a thin layer of just 8-10mm. Whether it's a glossy or anti-slip satin finish, for indoors or outdoors, Lixio® offers a wide range of color options. Moreover, it is particularly easy to maintain and extremely resistant to wear.

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Classic elegance, historical charm, and high value: Lixio®+ combines modern and ancient traditions.

The latest variant of Lixio® with larger natural stone aggregates (5-12 mm), a thicker floor construction (up to 40mm), and the use of any type of natural stone according to the customer's choice, so the use of local marble is also a possibility…

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Purometallo is Ideal Work's product line for walls, furniture, and objects, offering a unique character like real metal. Purometallo is only a few millimeters thick.


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Application for outdoor floors, with a thickness of 3cm. Available in 8 different colors with a choice of pebbles/aggregates from the Ideal Work range, or even with self-selected local natural stone aggregates. Maintenance-free and suitable for intensive use and traffic.

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Concrete Optik

Concrete Optik is a cement-polymer coating developed by Ideal Work to mimic the brutalist effect of industrially poured concrete with a thin, yet strong layer (2mm).

Due to its seamless finish, it can be used on almost any vertical surface: plaster, tiles, or even furniture panels or curved surfaces.

Suitable for applications both indoors and outdoors.

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Enhancing an existing floor or surface? This is possible by using stencils to create the appearance of stones, cobblestones, or tiles. This application can be finished smooth or anti-slip. A wide selection of different patterns and 29 colors available.

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Stamped concrete

Finishing of cast concrete, preserving its strength properties, but with the appearance you desire. Using stamps, you can create the look of natural stone, bricks, tiles, ...

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Ideal Wall

System to create high-quality decorative vertical finishes at an affordable price. Walls, columns, panels, stairs, decorative structures can achieve a more refined, original, or impressive appearance, depending on the finishing method.


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Nuvelato Architop®

The ideal solution for creating a strong and wear-resistant floor with an industrial look, both on a new substrate or screed, and on top of an existing floor or over tiles.

The brutalist style brings concrete back to its original strength and industrial allure. Nuvolato Architop®, cement-bound with a minimal thickness of only 3-4 mm, overcomes the limitations in thickness and weight of traditional smooth concrete while maintaining its durability and aesthetic appeal. This is achieved with care and attention to detail, resulting in various color options for a high-quality aesthetic appearance.

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You can rely on us for all tools and accessories related to the application of decorative painting techniques, coatings, and textures. Furthermore, these products are easy to order through our webshop, and most items are delivered within 3 working days.

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It is important to know that the products we distribute require professional expertise. In order to ensure the highest possible quality for the products we distribute to the end customer, in addition to comprehensive support, training is provided for each of the products. These training sessions are only provided to professionals and not to DIY individuals.

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