"When I was still working as a contractor, I had a dream: I wished that my supplier wasn't just a seller but rather a partner. My vision was that this supplier would visit the construction site to understand the specific requirements, desires, and ideas of my team, and to exchange suggestions. I believed that collaboration between us and the suppliers would lead to better products and that they could help us improve our skills. I knew that together, we could become the ideal partners I had in mind. Over the past 25 years, our team has helped me turn this vision into reality. Goal: to be the ideal partner for applicators."

slechts een verkoper was, maar eerder een partner. Mijn visie was dat deze leverancier de

bouwlocatie zou bezoeken om inzicht te krijgen in de specifieke eisen, wensen en ideeën van mijn

team, en om suggesties uit te wisselen. Ik geloofde dat samenwerking tussen ons en de leveranciers

zou leiden tot betere producten en dat zij ons zouden kunnen helpen om onze vaardigheden te

verbeteren. Ik wist dat we samen de ideale partners konden worden die ik voor ogen had.

Gedurende de afgelopen 25 jaar heeft ons team mij geholpen om deze visie werkelijkheid te maken.

Doel: de ideale partner te zijn voor applicateurs"

Maurizio Pontello

Founder of Ideal Work and former applicator

Our commitment to training is our best investment. Synergy, collaboration, and listening are the core values of BeConcrete in the relationship with contractors. Training is essential for delivering the highest quality in the market. Our main goal is your training because well-trained installers equal excellent work. That's why we exclusively offer a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee. We invite you to experience for yourself how valuable and crucial this service is, which we have been providing for years.

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