Lixio® and Lixio+®

With Lixio® and Lixio+®, we revive the great Italian tradition of Venetian floors. Floors that exude elegance and refinement, rooted in 15th-century Venice and popularized during the Renaissance. Thanks to Ideal Work and Be Concrete, we bring back the Venetian terrace with a modern and innovative decorative finish.

In Lixio+®, larger marble aggregates are incorporated compared to the classic Lixio®. As a result, the thickness of Lixio+® is also slightly larger.

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Lixio® can be applied with a minimal thickness of only 8-10 mm. It creates an original, uninterrupted floor. Lixio® consists of a cement base and high-quality Italian marble aggregates mixed in various color combinations and finishes.

Lixio® is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments; it is resistant to UV rays and all weather conditions. The choice between a glossy, anti-slip satin, or even hammered finish makes Lixio® suitable for various applications, including residential, commercial, hotels, hospitality, museums, and other public buildings.

Thanks to various color blends and a wide selection of marble aggregates, Lixio® offers an almost endless variety of colors. Lixio® floors are exceptionally resistant to wear and require minimal maintenance.


Lixio®+ allows for the use of valuable marble aggregates, including local marble for the project. Ideal Work's continuous innovative research into high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions is reflected in the most beautiful and always unique terrazzo floors.

Thanks to the choice of aggregate size and color, Lixio®+ offers endless high-quality combination possibilities.